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International Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) - Classroom Training

About Course

The training course provides the principles and practices of the environmental impact assessment process, applied to industrial process establishments.

According to international Conventions, to EU legislation and to national regulations, new projects or any modifications to existing facilities, capable to create environmental unwanted and significant effects, are subjected to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study before realization and obtain an affirmative EIA decision.

The EIA multidisciplinary procedure is completed by public information and participation to final decision (i.e. local public hearings).

The training course provides the principles and practices of the environmental impact assessment process, applied to industrial process establishments


Participants will become acquainted with the whole EIA procedure development, with detailed review on the methodologies, the techniques, the criteria and tools available to identify and quantify the environmental effects, to assess the impacts, to provide possible mitigations and to implement environmental monitoring plans. A case study will better clarify with a concrete example the step by step effective implementation of the EIA procedure.


EIA training course shall include:

1. Introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment legislative framework

2. Standard and Guidelines for EIA procedure development

3. Environmental Impact Assessment report contents

4. Land use planning and development programs compliance

5. Project’s lifecycle analysis and impact vectors identification

6. Sensible environmental systems and components analysis

7. Affected vulnerable environmental systems and components

8. Current environmental quality and descriptive parameters

9. Threats and effects definition, impacts quail-quantification and weighting:

  1. Simulation of effects by means of mathematic models
  2. Specialist studies (naturalistic, biologic, landscape, social and economics appraisals),
  3. Matrixes of impacts

10. Mitigation of impacts planning

11. Monitoring Plan

12. Public information and participation in the EIA procedure

13. Case study: Environmental Impact Assessment application, customized on a typical industrial establishment (Oil & Gas Downstream, Petrochemical industry, Power Plants), including:

  1. Analysis of the project;
  2. Legislative and constraints framework;
  3. Consumptions ad emissions inventory;
  4. Environmental impact assessment by means of qualitative and quantitative methods (e.g. mathematical models);
  5. Monitoring plan development.

Course Language

Training sessions will be basically held in English language, with translation of material and speeches in national language if required.

Course Registration

Please follow the Course Calendar for individual participation / call us for group participations.

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