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Since 2008, we have been providing Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Consultancy, Site Preparation and Training Services to our customers in order to protect human health and safety and eliminate, if possible, or reduce their risks that may lead to reputation or financial lost, to the reasonable lowest level by our team that have cross-country experience on international and national projects in many sectors worldwide. Developing a Health, Safety & Environmental culture is more effective than creating so much paper work for HSE. We believe that knowledge and experience on HSE issues combined with a strong team spirit is the key factor for success.


  • Evaluate the client's needs, capabilities and requirements.
  • Research, research, research!
  • Develop a practical plan of action.
  • Clarify the priorities with the client.
  • Implement the plan in a timely manner.
  • Maintain and review progress.
  • Evaluate results upon completion
  • Establish continuing maintenance program


NTSS provides Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) consulting and training services.

Applying the extensive knowledge and resources of our managers, advisers, specialist field professionals and trainers to identify and implement solutions for any Health, Safety and Environmental challenges your organization may encounter.

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