Environmental Consultancy Services

We have been providing Environmental consultancy services to our clients. These services are solicited by all types of industries and are tailored to suit the specific industry.

General Environmental Consultancy Service

Environmental Legislation Compliance Analysis

Keeping up with regulatory change is a major business challenge. Regulations can impact company operations through unnecessary enforcement actions and unplanned capital costs. Environmental Legislation Compliance Analysis provides a GAP analysis to companies to comply Environmental legislations.

General Environmental Management System Consultancy

ISO14001 is the recognised international standard which helps businesses understand and manage their environmental aspects. We provide environmental management system consultancy service for companies that their environmental management system works effectively and meets legal and contractual requirements.

Strategic Environmental Management System

Creating a Strategic Plan for Environmental Management System (EMS)

EMS Strategic Planning provides a planned, documented and quantifiable approach for the comprehensive and systematic management of EMS business planning and continuous improvement. We provide consultancy to help you for creating a Strategic Plan for EMS meets your company’s requirement.

Strategic Crisis Management System Implementation

When a crisis situation develops, it can be difficult to find the time to think clearly so the best thing that companies can do is be prepared. Whilst a crisis is an evolving situation that will also require strategic thought, there are common themes in investigations that an effective crisis management policy should anticipate rapid response, internal and external investigation, media interest, employee and family support. We provide consultancy to help you for implementing Strategic Crisis Management System meets your company’s requirement.

Emergency Response Management

We help our clients perform Risk Assessments & Audits, prepare Emergency Response Plans, provide training and, plan and deliver exercises of all types. We also integrate Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plans helping organizations develop strong continuity programs.

Environmental Management Systems

Sector Specific Environmental Management System (EMS) Implementation

The level of detail and complexity of the Environmental Management System, the extent of documentation and the resources devoted to it depend on the size of an organization and the nature of its activities, products and services, and the organizational culture. We provide consultancy service for implementing ISO 14001 Management System as per sector which varies company’s activities, products and services.

Due Diligence for Environmental Management System

Due diligence is a proactive management tool that, when used properly, will foster the careful and systematic identification and assessment of specific environmental hazards and the establishment of control measures to prevent costly incidents. We provide due diligence service for Environmental Management System of the company to improve their Environmental system.

Corporate Environmental Management System Audit Consulting

We deliver a workplace audit to measure how effectively your Environmental Management System is working. We will look at your policies and procedures, how well they’re being implemented against industry benchmarks and whether or not they’re managing your environmental risk.

Risk Assessment (Risk Analysis)

Corporate – Site Risk Analysis